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Your one-stop-complex for post production in Europe

A state-of-the-art post production facility situated within ORIGO Studios Budapest complex. Here, we offer clients 16mm and 35mm negative processing, 2K and 4K dailies and final finishing support for feature films, television and commercial projects.

Our complex features include a high-speed dedicated network with expendable bandwith that can transport your project, no matter what size, rapidly to any location in the world. And regardless of whether you require remote color correction or studio approval, we have developed workflows that will satisfy your most demanding production needs.

A highly qualified staff of post production professionals will also be on hand 24 hours a day to support and manage your video, data and film production needs.

Two large screening rooms capable of 35mm, 2K/4K data and video projection for cast, crew and special engagements are also available. And with two digital intermediate suites, finishing your project has never been easier.


„While shooting Angelina Jolie’s movie ‘The Land Of Blood And Honey’ in Budapest last year, I chose to use the post-production at RSB for all of our transfers from 35mm negative to the various formats required in post. I also spent most weekends working with a colorist, timing the material for any prospective previews.
Their ‘state of the art’ facility was outstanding as was the personal service and support. The theaters and projection were absolutely first class…”

Director Of Photography
Dean Semler ACS ASC AM


Digital Color Grading & Screening

2K/4K Digital Intermediate workflows including editorial, color grading, high-speed filmout and archive.

Comfortable screening rooms equipped with state-of-the-art analogue and stereo digital projectors, in 2K or 4K. The facility’s engineer-team ensures precise calibration and strict color management by Filmlight Truelight. 9 meters wide screens provide top picture quality for executive screening teams up to the entire crew.

DI-Room: 14 VIP chairs, Dolby 3D Barco 2K/4K digital projection, Kinoton Studio Reference film projector, Baselight EIGHT color corrector, 5.1 Klipsch Audio system

Main Screening Room: 48 seats, Dolby 3D Barco 2K/4K
digital projection, Synchronized Kinoton film projectors,
DoReMi 3D DCP Player, RealD 3D Cinema with Silver-
Screen, 7.1 Klipsch Audio system

Screening 3: 65” Stereo Plasma screen, Video server,
7.1 JBL Audio system

Scanning and Recording


The world’s fastest scanner is available at Origo Digital. Unparalleled speed and quality from DFT Scanity.
Scanity is a film scanner that offers unprecedented speed, versatility, stability, and safe film handling. It serves a variety of scanning applications including, dailies, feature film mastering, EDL/conform scanning, low resolution browsing, archive and restoration, short-form commercials, as well as digital intermediate scanning. Scanity uses a completely new and uniquely designed Roller Gate in the scanning area of the film path. This method is the most gentle way to transport and scan the film, and besides from the rollers, there are no mechanical parts. Scanity provides touch-free pin registration rather than mechanical pins to ensure excellent image steadiness.


For feature film scanning as well as in a wide range of commercials, film restoration and in digital dailies applications. Constant evolution since it’s introduction in 2004 has made the ARRISCAN the futureproof investment in film digitizing. 6K/4K and 3K/2K scanning with CMOS area sensor, LED illumination, incl. infrared dust removal, doubleflash technology for high dynamic range. 8 frames per second scanning speed, 2 m/s winding speed with live image, pin-registered film transport for 2- 3- and 4perf 35mm and 16mm.


The new top model by ARRI, the ARRILASER 2 ‘HighSpeed’ provides with a maximum speed of 0.8 sec/frame in 2K and 1.3 sec/frame in 4K more than double the throughput speed of the existing ARRILASER Speed. The ARRILASER is the only film recorder to use laser technology. With this technology it has set industry standards in image quality, productivity and reliability, and has significantly reduced the cost of recording digital images onto film. It has even been recognized and honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S) with a Technical Achievement Award in 2002.

Preserving Images for the Future

With new file formats, storage capabilities, and rates of data flow constantly changing, there is a risk that data stored on current tapes and hard drives might not be accessible later. The ARRILASER 2 HS offers the only proven way to store film images that can be accessed not only tomorrow, but for decades to come.

With the option to record b&w separations from a color negative, the ARRILASER 2 HS offers a very convenient way to store a color negative on the most future-proof media that currently exists: b&w film.


Versatile and comfortable Edit-Bays for rent. Productions can begin their project at the earliest stage by renting high-performance offline Avid and Final Cut Pro systems. We offer shared storage system for collaborative work. All the equipment is stored in our secured Server-room.

– Offline edit bays equipped with 5.1 Genelec sound system
– 42″ Panasonic calibrated plasma screen (3D is available on-demand)
– Secure system storage in a controlled environment
– Bones Dailies System for audio syncing, one-light color grading, LUT applying

Audio Post

Scaleable system of Pro-Tools based digital audio workstations seamlessly integrating with picture editorial and dailies preparation. Post services include:

– Audio mixing
– Dialogue replacement (ADR) / Dubbing / Voice-over recording
– Foley
– Audio Restoration

Data Delivery

Our Fibre-based Global Data Delivery pipeline ensures the most secure way to send digital files over the internet to support Avid, FCP, and DVD disc image dailies, H264 viewing media, international trailer distribution, or uncompressed file distribution like DPX or TIF.

Dailies and On-set Grading

Our workflow specialists can tailor the dailies pipeline for your needs, whether you shoot on film or digital, whether you need a colorist on-set or just to apply the LUTs by your DIT.

The Flexxity and Bones Dailies applications by DFT provide a solution for on-set or post digital and film dailies. It provides native support for DPX, R3D, ARRIRAW, QuickTime and single frame file formats. It performs image and audio synchronization of dailies material, timeline editing, color correction, image scaling, and supports parallel workflows for higher throughput and efficiency. Stereoscopic 3D support includes stereo color matching and parallax processing. Output for QuickTime, MXF, DNxHD codec, MPEG1, 2, 4, chaptered DVD, WM, AVI and others.

Our experienced colorists can work on-set close to
the DoP and the Director establishing the look of the
feature. We can create LUTs, screenings, previews
and dailies. We offer the following:

– Color management and LUT creation through editorial and finishing
– Dailies creation and transcoding
– LTO archiving and redundancy checks
– Quality control at every step, data checking and security
– Fibre channel link directly to the sound-stages
– 17″ MacBookPro based on-set kit assembled by our engineers

Visual Effects

Simple graphics to advanced compositing, replacements and restoration.

– Autodesk FLAME and SMOKE


High-performance online editing and finishing is performed industry standard DVS Clipster or Autodesk SMOKE. Provides finishing for film and television in 2K/4K, HD, and SD. Versatile finishing using uncompressed 4:4:4 signal processing for film trailers, HD episodic television, TV films and miniseries, commercials. High speed data connection to Baselight TWO and Baselight EIGHT for colour grading and for Autodesk FLAME for visual effects.

– Archiving and Preservation
– Data Hosting


We are specialized in encoding video masters to a variety of file formats typical for computers, streaming and media center playback devices. We offer scalable capacity to meet high volume turnaround requests. Highest mastering quality HDCAM SR 4:4:4 format is available among any other format like Digital Betacam, Beta SP, DVCAM, DVD, BD (in NTSC also). Format conversions, transcoding.


Back in 2004, a group of Hungarian investors with more than 20 years experience in the worlds of film production and finance first conceived the idea of bringing Hollywood-quality filmmaking in Europe, and set out to align itself with the best premier independent film studios in the United States. Through this strategic decision, the Origo Film Group was born. Today, the Group is comprised of five integral components that come together in a state-of-the-art, full-service film complex unlike any other studio—in Europe or otherwise


H-1151 Budapest, Felsőkert u. 9.
+36 1 327 0590